Advertisement is a free io game that lets you run, check your body, or run in front of a crowd, all while you compete against other runners. There are absolutely no walls in this intensely competitive, fast-paced arena game, and everything serves as an obstacle. Then, turn to your left after looking to your right. Your objective is to eliminate or kill every person you have just come into contact with in order to achieve success. You will have to compete against everyone else at some levels of this game where you must check the bodies of other players, while at others you must just outlive them. Although officially a free-to-play game environment, there are no upgrades or aids to your progress here—just you and them. Will you win the crown and prove to be an unbeatable conqueror, or will your fate be sealed in oblivion? Only you will be able to combat adversaries who will decide that. So battle it out in the free io game

How To Play

Your view of the arena can be changed by using the mouse to toggle. Run or make a left or right turn by using the W, A, S, D, or Arrow Pad.