Don't Fall

Don't Fall

Don't Fall is a multiplayer online action game played from a third-person perspective in which eight players compete on a shrinking island. The island gets more crowded and the risk of falling rises as more tiles break and fall. Grab some strong weapons and throw the opposition into the chasm. Become the final survivor. 

Utilise special items strategically to tip the other players over the edge. Both the Mask of the Bull and a bow and arrow can be used to attack undefended foes who are standing close to the edge. Each player has a point of exhaustion. Your attackers will push you farther the more fatigued you become. Every time you are hit, the risk point rises. Use healing energy to get rid of some of your fatigue points, but watch out for close enemies because you won't be able to defend yourself. 

Five different melee weapons with radically different play styles are available in the game. Find your preferred melee weapon, then confront your opponent in soul-like combat. To avoid critical hits, roll. Manage your stamina to avoid ever losing consciousness.

How To Play Don't Fall

  • Blu:

W: Jump

A / D: Move

G / S: Grab

Space: Pop head

  • Orng:

Up Arrow: Jump

Left / Right Arrows: Move

Down Arrow / Enter: Grab

': Pop Head